Club Player Summer night & day in Bucharest, is a chameleonic space, perfectly suited for spending relaxing moments during the day, whilst the nights offer a visual show where the lighting solutions have a very important role. The lights and shadows playfulness make this space shine at dusk, creating an atmosphere highly suitable for events. With a design in which the elements of comfort (like fluffy sofas that invite you to immerse yourself) intertwine with straight symmetrical lines (in the bar area) and geometrical shapes (such as prisms made of mirrors), this club distinguishes itself through a playful spirit, that resides even in its name. Of course, such an environment requires appropriate lighting solutions! Atas Lighting team contributed to the completion of the project by creating special lighting fixtures, such as large playful shapes (spheres, stars, clouds), produced by our skilled craftsmen in Istanbul. Both large pieces and other technical lighting solutions were custom made, fully developed and adjusted to best fit the specific of this venue.