Epoque Hotel 5* - Bucharest

Epoque Hotel is a boutique design hotel, one of the contemporary gems of nowadays Bucharest. Situated in an old part of the city, nearby Cismigiu Gardens, Epoque Hotel is a contemporary architectural project in complete harmony with the history of its surroundings, yet bearing a series of distinctive, unique features. Atas Lighting has been the choice of the two architectural and design studios that signed this project for the implementation of the lighting solutions.
The exclusive concept and the interior design of the restaurant, apartments, fitness centre and SPA area were signed by Igloo Arhitecture team: arh. Bruno Andresoiu, arh. Dana Tigan and arh. Ionela Zanoaga. All these spaces enjoy a special, bright ambience, which was made possible with the help of the custom-made lighting fixtures, developed by our team in Istanbul, according to the requests and sketches of the architects and designers.

Moreover, the events' hall, the conference centre, the lounge area and the exterior architecture that were signed by Genius Arhitecttura team (coordinated by arh. Gabriel Amzucu, under the supervision of arh. Giuseppe Labianca) are being emphasised and embellished with the means of custom-made lighting fixtures, provided by Atas Lighting, by special order.