New Egreta Hotel 4* - Dunavatul De Jos

The resort New Egreta 4*, situated in the fishermen's village Dunavatu De Jos, in Tulcea, is another project for which Atas Lighting team collaborated with Arch. Alina Roescu. Hosted in an idillic atmosphere, the resort offers to its guest fairytale surroundings - the specific flora and fauna of the Danube Delta - as well as a series of entertainment activities: hunting, fishing, nautical skiing, horse riding, paintball, and many more. In order provide the best quality holiday, the resort went through a thorough process of restoration and enlargement: the 33 double rooms, the apartment, the restaurant and the conference room were completed with solutions and lighting fixtures from Atas Lighting. A series of products were selected from our european suppliers, and in addition to these products, personalised products were made by our skilled craftsmen in Turkey.