Lolol Concept Store

Opened in the summer of 2014, Lolol Concept Store is more than a store for stationeries, it is a concept store where surprises and stories greet you at every step. The colorful and joyous atmosphere of this space was designed by Arch. Lavinia Moraru,under the signature of the arch. Stefan Bianco, Prographic. Conceived as an alley from a fairy tale neighborhood, with lobbies where you can test the products or even let your creativity flow, this environment benefited of special treatment, in terms of luminous ambiance. The lighting fixtures were produced, by special order, with the help of Atas Lighting team of specialists, in Istanbul, under the guidance of the coordinating architect. What is the result? A fairy tale "district" with lanterns, ceiling lamps and chandeliers, suitable both for children and for the adults.