Grand pieces, with royal appearance, that will bring class and distinction to the ambience, the wall fixtures in the ”BOHEMIA” section are fulfilling both their functional and, especially, their aesthetical role with graciousness. The rich adornments, precious finishes, delicate crystal details turn these lighting items into genuine decorative presences. Our eyes are naturally drawn to light, therefore an illumination source with the right light focused output will serve to add sparkle to an otherwise plain surface or to amplify the spaciousness efect - the Bohemia style wall lights might be the perfect choice in this direction! Lighting design is much more successful when integrated within the overall interior scheme such as using wall fixtures to highlight curves in the walls, or an artwork. For this, it is important to decide at the beginning of the interior design project where you would like to hang art or display a sculpture so your interior designer may be able to cast adequate light in that area.