The activity of our company for over 20 years in Romania brought us both a series of important collaborations with hotel chains, developers of office buildings, shopping malls and beloved brands and a work experience gained from over 4,000 completed projects. Our team of professionals provides customized solutions and prompt completion of projects in areas such as hospitality, commercial, retail, horeca and residential areas. We have a flexible approach and the results are adapted to the specifics of each of these areas. Whether it's about working with well-known architects and interior designers, the development of unique pieces or restoration of valuable lighting fixtures, our relentless work in these two decades is reflected today in a portfolio of projects that we are proud of. We invite you to browse and discover the outcome of Atas Lighting activity here.

  • Hotel Lighting

    Atas Lighting's experience in designing lighting solutions for the hospitality industry includes the most diverse lighting projects: from hotels, guesthouses, hostels, leisure villas to SPA centres. Whether as a result of the collaborations with famous designers and architects or as a result of direct requests of beneficiaries, the completion of the projects in this section imply each time a large dose of creativity and adaptability. Here, the attention to details, the inteligent solutions are blended with comfort and customization requirements. Among the examples of projects we take pride into, there are lighting solutions for major hotel chains, as well as for concept hotels, which we invite you to discover in the below selection.

  • Horeca Lighting

    The spare time is a valuable currency, so it is no wonder that each new proposal introduced by the operators of premises becomes more and more competitive in terms of services, products and, of course, interior design. HORECA is one of the most dynamic areas in which we can see materialize quickly some of the latest trends in interior design and deco styles. Of course, when it comes to lighting these spaces, we think of bold ideas and of the state-of-the-art tendencies. When referring to hospitality lighting, be it restaurants, cafes, pubs, club sites, leisure centers, casinos, theaters or museums, theaters, galleries, conference halls - we're always armed with the passion and determination to deliver spectacular projects.

  • Commercial Lighting

    Commercial spaces lighting requires an exhaustive analysis of the areas of interest and the management of a broad set of requirements. The collaborations for decorating and lighting plans for office buildings, business centers, and firms always involve perfect balance between quality, efficiency, flexibility and budgets. In this way, our solutions take into account both the requirements of the developer as well as the end user's, respectively the needs of the person who is going to spend time in that certain space. Our team of experts follows the latest trends in outdoor and interior lighting, inteligent lighting systems or energy saving solutions, in order to offer the best options, at international standards.

  • Retail Lighting

    Retail space lighting projects involve a high degree of creativity, request ingenuity, adaptability and originality of solutions. When it comes to shopping centers, showrooms, fuel stations, supermarkets / hypermarkets etc., our team aims to deliver every time projects and ideas that can transform the space and can individualize it, in order for goods, exhibits or services to beneficiate of the best lighting conditions, so that, by consequence, the consumer experience to be enriched. A number of successful projects recommend us as the right partner for any project in this category.