Harbour Restaurant - Bucharest

The Harbour is one of the restaurants with a long history in the landscape of Bucharest. The appreciation they are enjoying dates back to their first in the appearance in the central area of the city, near Amzei Market and lasted for more than 10 years now. This might be owed to the quality of services and culinary preparations, but certainly also, to some extent, to the special atmosphere here. With a well defined concept executed down to the smallest details and with maximum care, the restaurant renders the atmosphere of a harbour, with nautical elements specific to old vessels. For the bright ambiance, Arch. Stefan Bianco, Prographic, collaborated with Atas Lighting team. The luminaires were fully custom made by our team in Turkey, according to the sketches and specifications of the coordinating architect and, even until now, they keep on impressing guests. The central massive chandelier, the wall lamps along with all the other lighting solutions contribute to the atmosphere of this very special place.