Since 1994, the year of the first Atas Lighting showroom opening, we continued investing in the growth of a team of professionals, we searched inceasantly for new ways of developing the company further and pursued the enlargement of our partners’ portfolio, such as Italy, Spain, Greece, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Cyprus, Portugal, France, England, Turkey, Finland, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Lithuania, the Netherlands, China, Israel, Australia, USA, South Africa, Egypt, Taiwan, South Korea, as well as of our services, with expertise and consultancy for complete illumination projects and with diversified support services for our clients.

The experience we gained in the past 2 decades on the local market counts more than 4,000 completed projects and collaborations with numerous architecture studios, architects or interior designers.

Our creativity, openess and desire of improvement are today represented here, at Atas Lighting, in this new life chapter. For our 20th anniversary, we reached closer to our consumers: the products’ range is now more accesible, in the ”COLLECTIONS” tab, along with our specialists’ recommendations and examples of projects that may serve as inspiration for new successful décors.