We have created a special section dedicated to outdoor lighting, divided into two categories: MODERN lighting and CLASSICAL lighting. For walkways, entrances, interior gardens, patios, terraces, green roofs or architectural lighting, the outdoor lighting solutions are certainly as important as the interior lighting ones. The way a building is presenting itself after dusk speaks as much about its appearance, as its daylight look does; architectural lights playing, in this case, a main role.

Equally, the traffic areas, the leisure ones, the adjacent green areas are part of the personality of a building, and their lighting can be both functional and creative. Light and color are the main determinants of how an environment surrounds you and makes you feel, while the furniture defines the architecture of the space. Therefore, among our proposals you will be able to find a number of solutions that blend utility with aesthetics, as well as a series of multifunctional luminaries that can be used as exterior furniture.