The section dedicated to interior lighting explores the most interesting contemporary solutions for lighting fixtures and systems, available at Atas Lighting and aimed to residential and commercial design usage. The categories below were build to offer you a more broader perspective on how different types of styles and interior designs can find their compatible lighting fixtures, from the portfolio of products selected by us from various suppliers at the international fairs.

Thus, according to the line of design, materials, textures or technical qualities of the product, they are grouped in the following sections: MODERN, GLAMOUR, MARIA THERESA, CONTEMPORARY, RETRO, MINIMALIST, ECO, URBAN, HI-TECH, CLASSIC, BOHEMIA, MURANO, ART NOUVEAU, VINTAGE, RUSTIC or BATH COLLECTIONS, to facilitate your searches.

The design of contemporary environments distinguishes itself through flexibility and individualism, but without the imperative of operating under a clear, single style umbrella. Experimenting with different shapes and materials is one of the directions of contemporary deco scheme that focuses on creating sceneries that mix aesthetics with functionality, the effective with the conceptual. Therefore, we invite you to visit as many of the categories we propose below as possible and let your imagination to create unabated!