At Atas Lighting, we believe that the light nurtures our creativity, by being a neverending source of inspiration and, each project, a new challenge! Whether our illumination solutions apply to hospitality, commercial, horeca sectors or are destined for home, we are comitted to bringing you as many options as possible. As a step in keeping this promise, our own production line in Turkey, serves for custom made lighting fixtures. Our collaborations with important names in the architecture and design field and with the support of our technical department, we may now ensure consultancy and production for custom made, exclusive pieces, that meet the most demanding aestethic, technical and qualitative criterias. Apart from that, for the cases in which an urgent, but tailor-made solution is requested, Atas Lighting portfolio has been enriched with a large serie of decorative pieces, designed and produced by our team. The 1,000 designs of this serie can be replicated in a large variety of material and finishings, becoming in the end – most often – unique pieces. All products are certified to the international standard of quality ISO 9001/9002 /2001.