We aim at being a support for our clients and partners, no matter how complex their requests. In this regard, we developed more capabilities and we invested in our team’s specific knowledge on different areas of expertise. Today we may offer you a vast list of complementary services: from consultancy, designing up to completing the project, development of special or restoration projects, ensuring support at every step of the illumination plan, so that each assigment receives the optimal solutions:

  • The elaboration of lighting studies and plans for interior lighting systems (hospitality, commercial, retail, horeca, private residences, industrial etc.) and for exterior ones (avenue lighting, parks, gardens, façade lightning, monuments, museums, palaces etc.);

  • Consultance and support for architects, interior designers or developers for the production of lighting systems or lighting fixtures in the specific cases of their projects;

  • 3D generated structures, integrating the recommended lighting solutions;

  • Developing systems of illumination with smart consumption, time, and function management and with programs that allow scheduling the illumination process on different time intermissions, according to the latest innovations in the public lighting;

  • On request, Atas team members may also develop field analyses, at the exact location;

  • Recommendations and support in electing the lighting fixtures that best fit a certain environment;

  • Support and assembly for the particular lighting fixtures.